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The story


In the near future, a video games production company, BrainStorm Studio, is about to launch a new game: Infinity.


Massively multiplayer, Infinity sets out to be the first game to use the headset MindPlug™, a revolutionary device developed for the occasion through which images, sounds and sensations are sent directly to the player's brain to ensure a total immersive experience.



After seven years of intensive development, everything is in place to launch the game. Beta presentations at E3 Video Game Show in Los Angeles stir the masses, and press reviews are raving. Early "teasing" campaigns allow the Infinity fever to slowly gaining momentum...


But a few months before the game's release, 6 key-members of Brainstorm's staff disappear.


Panic ensues at BrainStorm Studio; mysterious incidents happen and the studio is severely cut of its IT-management. To cope, the studio calls in a trusted person to set up a transition team to ensure the continued operation pending the return of the exiles.


You are hired as an external consultant; and your mission is to replace at any cost the missing personnel members, and to boost production. To do this, you must unravel the dark mystery that haunts the studio, identify the source of incidents and put the saboteur out of harm's way...



From a pedagogical point of view, the real awareness engine is the absence: the player has to find substitutes for six people he knows nothing about. To achieve this, he must investigate their technical skills, personal qualities but also their background training.


Under the guise of a futuristic and fantastic plot, the player is required to fully reconstruct the profile of each missing person: what is their position, what are the personal (soft) and professional (hard) qualities (skills) required for their function and what type of training did they follow.


So, the player takes on IT-related jobs in quite an active way. That way, he ends having quite a concrete and practical view on today's IT jobs.